Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sesto al Reghena concerts, July 29th, 2012

Two nice little concerts in the splendid town of Sesto al Reghena and its beautiful ancient abbey (which dates back to    ) with America’s Other Lives, an indie rock band (formed in 2004) and England’s Fanfaro (formed in  2006).  The concerts were part of the 7th edition of “”Sexto ‘Nplugged” summer music festival (the same venue hosted last year the so-called “new Patti Smith”, Anna Calvi). 

Other Lives had the great honor in 2012 of having opened up for the first leg of Radiohead’s North American tour.  They also highly impressed the folks over at “Mojo” magazine with their 2011 album, “Tamer Animals”.

Fanfarlo are an indie-alternative band that hails from London.  The band fuses elements of folk, indie rock and post-punk music by using trumpets, violins, mandolins and clarinets.  The band’s particular name actually comes from a novella by Charles Baudelaire, “La Fanfarlo”.  

Indeed a great way to spend a hot summer evening in Sesto’s magnificent castle square!

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