Friday, September 27, 2013

Sir Mick’s kid brother puts on great show Pordenone, August 1, 2013

Chris Jagger, Sir Mick’s kid brother, performed in front of a handful of people in Pordenone, Italy with his “Acoustic Trio”.


Chris is 66 years old and as one can see from the pictures, has ALL the characteristics (sans the wrinkles and the lips) of his famous brother, Sir Mick Jagger (who recently celebrated his 70th birthday).  

Chris was joined on the stage of the small locale by David Hatfield on bass and Elliett Mackrell on violin.  A very entertaining two-hour show in sweltering heat during the town’s “Pordenone Blues Festival” event.  Jagger Jr. is quite the prolific slide-guitarist and harmonica player, just like his older brother. The musical repertoire consisted of a mixture of blues and country songs, but no Rolling Stones songs.

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