Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Italian crooner Mario Biondi in concert in Rome, Italy December 30th, 2013

Popular Italian crooner Mario Biondi in concert during his “Sun Tour” in Rome’s Auditorium 

Mario Biondi (born Mario Ranno, January 28th, 1971 in Sicily) is an Italian singer-crooner.   During his younger days he played in several choirs.  He achieved fame in 2006 with his album “Handful of Soul” and in 2013 released a new album called “Sun” plus his current project called “Mario Christmas” which contains 8 cover songs.

His warm, mellow and deep voice has been compared to that of Lou Rawls, Isaac Hayes and Barry White.  During Rome’s sold-out concert, thanks also to the folks over at www.fepgroup.it,  Biondi was backed up on stage by “The Italian Jazz Players” band, a group made up of 8 fine musicians in the “Santa Cecilia” hall of Rome’s Auditorium (an approproate hall seeing that Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians and singers).   Biondi’s concert consisted of a 2 hour-plus show filled with 24 songs from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Burt Bacharach.  

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