Monday, October 27, 2014

Italy’s Luca Carboni in concert in Rome February 5th, 2014

Italian musician Luca Carboni celebrates his 30th anniversary with a series of concerts in Italy.

Luca Carboni has just celebrated his 30th anniversary as a musician on the Italian pop-rock scene.  The 52 year-old musician, who is currently on tour with his “Fisico&Politico” show, also graced the stage of Rome’s Auditorium music hall.

Perhaps Carboni’s most famous songs go back to 1992, “Ci vuole un fisico bestiale” and “Mare Mare”.   While on tour in Italy he has also been joined on stage to celebrate his long career by fellow artists such as Jovanotti, Elisa and Biagio Antonacci (who joined him on stage for a duet).   

Carboni, who played a 22-song set, was backed-up in Rome by a five-piece band: Antonello Giorgi on drums, Ignazio Orlando on bass, Vince Pastoro and Mauro Patelli on guitars and Fulvio Ferarri on keyboards.

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