Monday, March 23, 2015

Eclectic Anna Calvi in concert in Rome, Italy February 24th, 2014

English singer-songwriter and eclectic guitarist Anna Calvi, the so-called “New Patti Smith”, played to an appreciative crowd in Rome’s Auditorium.   

The 34 four year-old musician was born to an English mother and an Italian father and originally hails from Twickenham.  She began playing guitar as a child and studied music in college. Calvi worked as a guitar instructor while recording her debut album over a period of several years.  The album was released in the United Kingdom in January 2011 to critical praise and entered the Album Charts at number 40 and was later nominated for a prize at the BRIT Award, catching along the way the attention of both Brian Eno and Nick Cave.  

Her second album, “One Breath”, was released on October 7,  2013 in the United Kingdom and United States.  Calvi has gained critical attention for her voice, guitar playing and live performances.  She has said that she tries to create the sounds of other instruments through her guitar and also incorporates in her music the world of flamenco in her stage outfits.   Musically-speaking, she’s been compared to the likes of PJ Harvey and Siouxsie.

Calvi's style has also been described as dark, romantic and atmospheric pop.  As far as her latest album is concerned, Calvi said the following: “One Breath is the moment before you’ve got to open yourself up, and it’s about how terrifying that is.  It’s scary and it’s thrilling.  It’s also full of hope, because whatever has to happen hasn’t happened yet”. 

Her Rome concert was sold-out, signifying a small and enthusiastic “Anna Calvi Legion” out there.

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