Thursday, March 20, 2008

Francesco De Gregori, Spilimbergo (PN): July 30th, 2005

A nice venue in front of the town’s Duomo, the same place where in 2004 I saw Stevie Winwood in concert. De Gregori is Roman-born, a sort of “Bob Dylan” of Italian music. He’s been on the Italian musical scene since 1972. He was joined on stage by a six-piece band, all very, very good musicians (the keyboard player could have been his son!). I personally don’t even own one single album by De Gregori out of some 800 that I have but I must admit that many of his songs are not only quite good but the words are very interesting, some which have even been used throughout the years as Italian political manifestos. At 30 euros per ticket De Gregori played AT LEAST 2 solid hours with one encore. The only negative part was that he didn’t play a song from his latest album, “Vai in Africa Celestino” (which I downloaded on my iPod). Odd rather for such a well-known musician. After the gig we had some drinks in a local bar and the drummer, keyboard player and lead guitarist showed up. I naturally complimented them, especially the drummer, on their great performance.

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