Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nu metal band Korn storms Atlantico venue in Rome February 2, 2015

California’s nu metal band Korn stormed their way through Rome.

Korn, the American nu metal band from California, stormed Rome’s Atlantico theater during their Italian tour.  

With guitar and backing vocals member Brian “Head” Welch solidly back in the saddle (he left the band in 2005 and returned eight years later), the American band, which was formed back in 1993, ripped apart the theater in Rome, and along the way drove hard-core Korn fans wild.  As of 2012 the band has sold over 35 million copies of their albums worldwide and has managed to win two prestigious Grammy Awards out of seven nominations.    

Their eleventh studio album, “The Paradigm Shift, was released in 2013.  The release of their twelfth studio album is slated for 2015.


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