Monday, July 11, 2011

Skin and Skunk Anansie bring down Udine's castle!

So take Skunk Anansie’s (the word “Anansie” has its roots in popular Western African literature and refers to a spider-God. “Skunk” was instead added to make the name sound more aggressive) very flamboyant singer Skin (real name: Deborah Dye) and throw her on the same stage together with: Iggy Pop, Ozzie Osbourne, Johnny Rotten, Alice Cooper and then for good measures also add a touch of Slipknot to the whole thing and what do you get? Well, basically a musical version of “A Clockwork Orange”! That’s pretty well how you’d describe the bald-headed singer’s high-voltage performance in Udine’s quaint castle (n.b. for history buffs out there, the hill upon which the castle sits was apparently built by Attila The Hun’s soldiers) as she and her group thrilled some 4,000 fans. The concert came thanks to the folks at over at

During her opening song she came out dressed like a Raptor from Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” movie, you know, those fiendish little beasts that as they get hot under the collar they open up those fish-like type gills around their neck and then unleash pure hell on their poor victims. Well, that’s pretty well what she looked like, a musical Raptor bouncing around the stage at the speed of light! If Skin were to make an aerobic DVD à-la-Jane Fonda for sure you’d end up losing 10 kilos just trying to keep up with her!

And like Iggy Pop used to do (until one day fans below the stage didn’t catch him and he crashed to the floor screwing up big time his hip), Skin at one point went over the barrier separating the stage from the fans below and lying down on her back let herself be transported—singing all the way—from one fan to the other right up to the mixer zone (where the technicians man the sounds and lights), about 30 meters away. Once there, she jumped up and then went right back to the stage via the same manner. Thrilled to say the least were those fans who actually got to touch and grab Skin’s sleek body (and she didn’t seem to mind one bit)!

Once at the end of the nearly two-hour performance—which also included songs such as “My Ugly Boy” and the beautiful ballad “You Saved Me”—Skin looked sincerely touched and moved by the fans’ reaction as the Udine show was the first of six shows for the band in Italy.

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