Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moby turns venue into large disco in Azzano Decimo, July 8th, 2011!

American DJ, musician and singer-songwriter Richard Melville Hall, also known to many around the world as simply Moby, played to an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 2,000 people in Azzano Decimo’s “Music Fair”. The nickname "Moby" was actually given to him by his parents because of Herman Melville, who just happened to have been the author of “Moby Dick”. The connection between the two? Herman was actually Moby’s great-great-great-granduncle”. Slovenian reporter Gregor Bauman took advantage just before the show to interview the American DJ/musician.

The 46 year-old Moby started playing music when he was nine years old, originally learning classical guitar and music theory, then piano and drums. Moby manages to do just about everything on stage: he sings and plays keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and drums. And he doesn’t sit still either as he bounces from one part of the stage to another too. The Azzano Decimo concert also saw more than half of his band members which were made up of outstanding female musicians.

Enthusiastic fans ended up turning the venue in a fairly large disco, especially when Moby played “Lift Me Up”, which was also used as the theme music to Formula 1 racing.

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