Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anna Calvi, Sesto al Reghena, July 20, 2011

British-Italian singer Anna Calvi electrifies audience in front of historic ancient abbey—Sesto al Reghena

“The biggest thing since Patti Smith”! (producer Brian Eno), Anna Calvi, played during the “Sexto ‘Nplugged” music festival in the historic town of Sesto al Reghena’s main square, located about 40 kms south of Udine, Italy.

Calvi is a British musician whose Italian father gave her the passion for music. Her one and only self-title album was released in the UK in January, 2011. Even though her concert was rather short and sweet (slightly more than an hour long), what made up for the short and intense performance was indeed the setting: Calvi and her small back-up band played right in front of an ancient Benedictine abbey and small basilica which was first constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries. Quite the place indeed for both artists and fans to enjoy some fine music during a warm summer evening.

A very soft-spoken young woman yet a very dynamic guitarist and singer, Calvi recently supported both Interpol and the Artic Monkeys at the Royal Albert Hall. She was also personally invited by Nick Cave to support another band across Europe in late 2010. Comments on her first album from British tabloids have included: “The raw talent is undeniable: 2011 is Calvi’s for the taking” and “Serious lovers of music, Calvi is one to watch”!

The peculiarity of this young guitarist is that she not only tries to creat the sounds of other instruments through her guitar but she’s also noted for a particular style of guitar playing which involves hitting the strings in a circular motion, rather than strumming up and down. She also honors to the world of flamenco as she dresses in this manner while up on stage, but sans the frilly dress, only the high trousers and blouse which are more typical male dancers.

Towards the end of her show she wooed the small yet enthusiastic crowd with a moving cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Joan Of Arc”.

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