Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ray Wilson, Udine 03/072009

Anyone remember Genesis? Of course you do. But do you remember the period 1996/98 when a fellow by the name of Scotland`s Ray Wilson took over as lead vocalist from Phil Collins from 1996 to 1998? Probably not. His career with the band (a coincidence: I actually saw that Genesis version some 10 years ago—with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks—when they had published the less-than popular album “Calling All Stations” with the lead track, “Congo”, in Rome`s old Palaeur arena!) was short-lived. In fact, that album only made it to position no. 54 in the Billboard 200 album charts.

His concert in Udine`s splendid castle setting (Wilson himself noted that in Italy “You have some of the best concert settings around”!) was rather short, only 30 minutes, and was accompanied by no other musicians on stage. He actually opened up for Jethro Tull (all pics by M. Rimati).

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