Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Pooh, Udine 18/12/2012


One of Italy’s longest-surviving pop/rock groups, the Pooh, played in front of an all sold-crowd in Udine.  Italian pop-rock group The Pooh (“I Pooh” in Italian, no relation apparently to Winnie) played in front of a full house in Udine’s “Giovanni da Udine” theater.   

The group, originally from Bologna, formed way back in 1966.  
The Udine concert was the last one of their recent Italian tour and also featured a 25-member orchestra.  Longevity and amazing enthusiasm for good music is the key word for this band: a three-hour concert which included a set-list of nearly thirty songs. 

The group is made up of three original members: Roby Facchinetti on vocals and keyboards; Dodi Battaglia on vocals and Red Canzian on vocals and electric bass.  Drummer Stefano D’Orazio, who joined the band in 1971, left in 2009.  He was replaced on drums by Englishman Steve Ferrone in 2010 (who has played with the likes of Eric Clapton, Bee Gees, Tom Petty and George Harrison). 

The band’s influences have included Pink Floyd, Genesis, the Beatles and also the Bee Gees.  They’ve also taken home 15 golden discs plus 47 platinum ones and have performed live a whopping 4,500 times.

Their very last encore was a song which dates back to their very first years as a band, “Piccola Katy”, a favorite with all Pooh fans out there.

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