Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gary Lucas, Tricesimo, September 23rd, 2012

This musician has been defined in the following manner: “Guitarist with a global guitar”; “One of the best and most original guitarists in America” and “Perhaps the greatest living electric guitar player”.  

The great musician in question is none other than Gary Lucas who played in the small town of Tricesimo, during the town’s 6th annual international festival for acoustic guitars, known also as “Madame Guitar”.

Lucas put on an incredibly dynamic one-hour show with both his Gibson acoustic and Stratocaster electric guitars, indeed a true “wizard” with both instruments.  His repertoire also included a very special treat for the audience: his very own instrumental version of the magnificent song “Grace”, which was also written with the late, great Jeff Buckley in mind.  

 In fact, music aficionados may recall that Lucas’s group, “Gods And Monsters”, included the mellow voice of Buckley, who tragically passed away in the Wolf River near Memphis on May 29th, 1997 (Buckley went swimming fully clothed and with boots on while singing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”.  A steamboat passed by and Buckley’s body was found several days later).

It was also an opportunity for Lucas to come to the Udine to present his new and touching book on his own life and the time he spent making music with Buckley, “Touched By Grace, My Time With Jeff Buckley”.   

Indeed a pleasure for me as I got to introduce him to the public and to discuss his book.  This by the way was my 5th author that I got to present in the Udine area.

Lucas himself has published over 20 albums and has also worked with many different artists on at least 50 others records.  His collaboration with other musicians has also included the likes of Leonard Bernstein, John Zorn, Chris Cornell, Loud Reed, Patti Smith, Bryan Ferry and Iggy Pop, just to name a few.


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