Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jovanotti, Trieste March 2nd, 2012

Truly an exceptional and moving concert by Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti

Lorenzo Cherubini, better known as simply “Jovanotti”, rocked and wooed some 6,000 fans at the PalaTrieste arena in Trieste during a very, very moving moment for many.

The concert, which was part of his “Ora Tour” and which was brought to us by Azalea Promotion, had a very special significance for both Jovanotti and to all those present: tragedy struck on December 12, 2011 just prior to the start of that very same concert when part of the massive stage came tumbling down. Not only were some stagehands injured but also a poor 19 year-old student, Francesco Pinna, was killed as he was trying to earn a few euros by working at the very same event. Stunned and saddened by the loss of someone who was helping to make his show a great success, Jovanotti suspended for several months his Italian tour until Friday night’s show.

The way that Jovanotti started his show was unquestionably pure mayhem: emerging from a cloud of white smoke he literally “attacked” the ramp that extended from the main stage at a speed worthy of Usain Bolt! But it didn’t end there as once at the end of the ramp he hopped and bopped around like a wild and crazy kangaroo, a scene for the average photographer that was exceptionally difficult to photograph (only Iggy Pop beats Jovanotti in terms of NOT standing still on stage)!

Halfway through the exhilarating performance the 46 year-old Roman-born Jovanotti (his nickname comes from a stage name that he himself had chosen at the beginning of his career, “Joe Vanotti”, but the printer had made a mistake for the promotional posters that had to be used in a local disco. The name on the posters came out instead as “Jovanotti”, and so the nickname has stuck ever since) did what many expected him to do: he gave a small speech and asked all those present to observe a minute of silence (Pinna’s entire family was also on hand right below the stage). An incredible sight to see as immediately the entire arena fell so silent that even an atom could be heard dropping, let alone a pin! For this correspondent now at 249 concerts it was certainly a FIRST to see such an outpouring of affection and respect for the loss of such a young life and to also see an entire arena fall completely silent.

But as we all know, rock and roll life must certainly go on and Jovanotti, for both Pinna’s family, for the local fans and no doubt for himself too, put on a totally wild and crazy non-stop concert full of incredibly wild hip-hop/rap/pop/rock music (this for a man who had also been present some years ago at the “Live 8” event, “Make Poverty History”, a follow-up to the epic “Live Aid” extravaganza which took place in 1985 in both England and the U.S.).

But high-energy music wasn’t the only thing up Jovanotti’s musical sleeve as he also performed a moving ballad called Baciami ancora from the soundtrack of an Italian movie, not to mention one of his most famous hits, L’ombelico del mondo. Joined afterwards by the rest of his band on the ramp Jovanotti also took the time to pay his respects to a fellow musician, Lucio Dalla, one of Italy’s most popular artists who died just the other day in Switzerland of a heart attack on the eve of his 69th birthday, with a cover version of his song, Caro amico ti scrivo. Again, this also brought down the PalaTrieste with an outpouring of admiration and respect from all those present.

Whatever you do, if Jovanotti comes your way, DON’T miss him!

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