Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Piero Sidoti, Cervignano 05/11/2010

Piero Sidoti is a 36 year old singer and writer from Udine (he’s actually got a degree in biology). At the Cervignano concert (30 kms from Udine) he was joined on stage by a fellow Udine native boy, Giuseppe Battiston, who’s become a rather fine movie actor lately.

The show had Battiston on stage talking to the audience about life in general with Sidoti and his three-piece band which was playing in the background. The winner of the “Tenco” award for 2010, Sidoti’s music is very, very light and interwoven with dialogues from his friend Battiston. Unfortunately, a rather small turnout at the “Teatro Pasolini” theatre for a quiet evening of relaxing music and entertaining chit-chat from an up-and-coming fine Italian actor.

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