Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tindersticks, Sesto Al Reghena, 08/08/2010

I’ve now seen 213 concerts in 35 different cities in 4 different countries and on 2 different continents (both in North America and Europe). I’ve seen perhaps THE most surreal and epic concert of my entire life in Rome’s majestic Colosseum: Sir Paul McCartney in May, 2003 (there were only 300 of us lucky souls on hand for that memorable show. Bob Geldof was also there!). Concert and setting-wise, another one that tops the list is Tindersticks, a band from Nottingham, England. They were formed in 1991 thanks also to the influence of producer and singer Lee Hazelwood who had also worked with Nancy Sinatra. Their very first album came about in 1993 and is reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. “Falling Down A Mountain” is their latest album (2010) which was presented the other night. The band’s made up of front man/singer Stuart Staples plus 6 other fine musicians.

They played in the exceptionally enchanting little town called Sesto Al Reghena, located about 40 kms away from Udine. The concert was part of the town’s “Sexto ‘Nplugged” series. The town itself is home to a very precious treasure: the St. Mary in Silvis Abbey, a fortified monastery that was founded by the Longobards in the 8th century and later modified during Roman times. Of the ancient defensive works, moats and towers, little is left: only a massive tower remains to testify the past power of the Abbey. The Abbey is part of the monastery complex with a look-out tower which dates back to about 1050 and which was transformed into a 33 meter bell tower. The origin of the word “Sesto” dates back to the pre-Roman period. Reghena instead refers to the river which flows through the village. Indeed a place worth checking out, and not only for its concerts!

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