Friday, April 3, 2009

Fiorella Mannoia, Teatro Giovanni da Udine, 30/03/2009

Indeed a very, very nice concert and a class act with Fiorella Mannoia, a Roman singer who’s been performing since 1972 and who began interpreting the songs of Italian male singers, such as Enrico Ruggeri, Vasco Rossi, Ivano Fossati and fellow Roman Francesco De Gregori.

Udine’s quaint Giovanni da Udine theatre was fully packed for this 2.5 hour long concert which was followed by several encores. The concert itself was actually divided into two parts, the first one being a more classical performance (with a bare-footed Mannoia draped in a long white dress). After a short ten-minute interval Mannoia came out in a sort of cabaret-style attire which was reminiscent of Liza Minelli. One of her more popular songs, “Il Cielo d’Irlanda” dates back to 1992 and was also sung with the help of the audience.

Things started getting a wee bit “hotter” as Fiorella also took a shot at some rap music tinged with a political message for all leaders out there who seem to be inefficient when it comes to dealing with the world’s many problems (she discussed the deaths of children around the world in wars, in particular the 320-odd Palestinian kids who died during the war in the Gaza Strip. No mention though was made of Israeli children who have also died because of Hamas’s missile attacks). A rarity to also see an artist who steps down from the stage and mingles with the audience by singing and dancing with them to the tune of Fossati’s “Buontempo”. And what to say about her seven-piece backup band except that it was truly excellent. A better choice of musicians Mannoia couldn’t have chosen (all pics by M. Rimati)!

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