Friday, February 20, 2009

Gianluca Grignani, Teatro Giovanni da Udine, 16\02\09

A 90 minute concert with just one ancore for this 37 year-old singer from Milan. As a youngester he was influenced by The Beatles and by The Police. Grignani has appeared four times at the famous San Remo Festival which takes place every year in February. Grignani was supported in Udine by a five-member back-up band during his Udine concert. Given the singer`s rather good looks, there were more women than men present at the concert! The songs weren`t bad, even though many sounded the same as all the others. At one point, he began talking about politics which is always somewhat of a problem in Italy as there`s no way out of the situation, dead or alive. His past has also included some encounters with cocaine plus a suspended driver`s license for excessive alcohol use. Grignani has also been the target of Italian satirical shows and recently verbally attacked a fan from the stage. The concert was ok, but not one of the best that I`ve ever seen (all pics by M. Rimati).

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